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37th Gibbs Conference 
October 14-17, 2023

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Mission Statement


The Gibbs Society of Biological Thermodynamics is committed to advancing the development and application of thermodynamic principles to understand biological systems; fostering the professional growth of early-career trainees; promoting an equitable, accessible, and inclusive biothermodynamics community; and hosting an annual conference that includes significant opportunities for trainee oral presentations. 


Gibbs Society

In 1987, researchers from 11 U.S. institutions met together in Carbondale, IL for the first Gibbs Conference on Biothermodynamics. Their goal was to foster more innovative applications in the field of biological thermodynamics than had been traditionally envisioned.

Since its inception, these annual conferences have grown, and a society was formed and named after Josiah Willard Gibbs, a mathematical physicist who laid much of the foundation for chemical thermodynamics.

The Gibbs Society of Biological Thermodynamics is incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c) organization. Student and postdoctoral fellow participation from laboratories whose research intersects with the discipline of biological thermodynamics is stressed in order to further the aims of the society in future research.

Since 2009, the annual conferences have been offering the Gary K. Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics.


History of the Organization

A comprehensive history of the organization is available in "The conference on biothermodynamics: Origins and evolution" by Ackers and Bolen (Biophys. Chem. 64, p 3-5 1997).

In 2002, The Gibbs Conference on Biological Thermodynamics Incorporated as a mechanism of preserving the philosophy and spirit of the meeting.


In 2011, a special issue of Biophysical Chemistry was printed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Gibbs Conference on Biological Thermodynamics. The first article in this issue is a history of the Gibbs Conference and a description of the scientific evolution of the work cherished by the Gibbs community.


Meeting History

Fall, 1986


1st discussion of the discipline of Thermodynamics in biological systems. held in Vail, Colorado: Gary Ackers, Wayne Bolen, Ernesto Freire, Stan Gill, Jim Lee


Feb, 1987


2nd discussion of the discipline of Thermodynamics in biological systems. held in New Orleans: Gary Ackers, Norma Allewell, Wayne Bolen, Ken Breslauer, Ken Dill, Ernesto Freire, Stan Gill, Jim Lee

Current President: James Horn

President Elect: Sarah Bondos

Past Presidents

  • Gary K. Ackers, Oct. 2001 - Oct. 2002

  • John J. Correia, Oct. 2002 - Oct. 2003

  • D. Wayne Bolen, Oct. 2003 - Oct. 2004

  • Madeline A. Shea, Oct. 2004 - Oct. 2005

  • Dorothy Beckett, Oct. 2005 - Oct. 2006

  • Brad Chaires, Oct. 2006 - Oct. 2007

  • Tim Lohman, Oct. 2007 - Oct. 2008

  • Luis A Marky, Oct. 2008 - Oct. 2009

  • Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, Oct. 2009 - Oct. 2010

  • Karen Fleming, Oct. 2010 - Oct. 2011

  • Doug Barrick, Oct. 2011 - Oct. 2012

  • David Bain, Oct. 2012 - Oct. 2013

  • George Makhatadze, Oct. 2013 - Oct. 2014

  • Patricia Clark, Oct. 2014 - Oct. 2015

  • Vince LiCata, Oct. 2015 - Oct. 2016

  • James Cole, Oct. 2016 - Oct. 2017

  • Clay Clark, Oct. 2017 - Oct. 2018

  • Brian Baker, Oct. 2018 - Oct. 2019

  • Kathleen Hall, Oct. 2019 - Oct. 2020

  • Liskin Swint-Kruse, Oct. 2020 - Oct. 2021

  • Aaron Lucius, Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2023

Past Treasurer

  • Michael Johnson, Oct. 2002 - Oct. 2010

  • John J. Correia, Oct. 2010 - Oct. 2017

  • Aron Fenton, Oct. 2017 - Oct. 2022

Past Secretary

  • Margaret Daugherty, Oct. 2004 - Oct. 2013

  • Liskin Swint-Kruse, Oct. 2013 - Oct. 2019



Current Officers

President: James Horn, Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2023

President Elect: Sarah Bondos, Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2023

Past President:  Aaron Lucius, Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2023

Vice President: Aron Fenton, Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2023

Secretary: Andrew Herr, Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2023

Treasurer: Karen Lewis, Oct. 2022 - Oct. 2023


Web Support: Chiwook Park and Sarah Bondos, 2020 -

Registration Support: Nick Fitzkee, 2020 - 

Board of Directors

  • Aron Fenton

  • Andrew Herr

  • James Horn

  • Vince LiCata

  • Aaron Lucius

  • Madeline Shea

  • Sarah Bondos


Annual Gibbs Conference on Biological Thermodynamics

1st - 1987: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Jim Lee and Wayne Bolen Keynote: Ken Dill


2nd - 1988: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Gary Ackers & Michael Johnson


3rd -1989: Program

Organizers: Susan G, Frasier & Michael Johnson


4th - 1990: Program

Organizers: Michael Johnson & Marty Straume


5th - 1991: Program

Organizers: Gary Ackers & Tim Lohman
Keynote: Ernesto Freire


6th - 1992: Attendees

Organizers: Jim Lee & Tomasz Heyduk
Keynotes: Serge Timasheff & John Schellman


7th - 1993: Program

Organizers: Maurice Eftink & Glen Ramsay
Keynotes: Peter von Hippel & Julian Sturtevant


8th - 1994: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Enrico Di Cera & Madeline Shea
Keynotes: Gary Ackers & Kathleen S. Matthews


9th - 1995: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Kenneth P. Murphy & Michael D. Brenowitz
Keynotes: Victor Bloomfield & Mario Amzel


10th - 1996: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Jonathan B. Chaires & Michael L. Doyle
Keynotes: J. Michael Schurr & Allen Minton


11th - 1997: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Dorothy Beckett & Jack Correia
Keynote: Adrian Parsegian


12th - 1998: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Andy Robertson
Keynote: David Draper


13th - 1999: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Bertrand Garcia-Moreno & John Shriver
Keynotes: Wayne Bolen & Gary Ackers


14th - 2000: Program / Attendees

Organizers: George Turner & Kim Sharp
Keynotes: Steve White (replaced Rodney Biltonen)


15th - 2001: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Margaret A. Daugherty & Luis A. Marky
Keynote: George Rose


16th - 2002: Program / Attendees / Sponsors

Organizers: Michael Mossing & George Makhatadze
Keynote: Rodney Biltonen


17th - 2003: Program

Organizers: Vince Hilser & Dick Sheardy
Keynote: Jim Lee


18th - 2004: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Doug Barrick and Kathleen Hall
Keynote: Nacho Tinoco


19th - 2005: Program / Attendees

Organizers: Trevor Creamer and Clay Clark
Keynote: Carl Frieden


20th - 2006: Program / Attendees / Photographs

Organizers: Karen Fleming and Rohit Pappu
Keynotes: Madeline A. Shea; Timothy Lohman


21th - 2007: Program / Attendees / Photograph

Organizers: Brian M. Baker and Michael T. Henzl

Keynote: Jamie Williamson


22th - 2008: Program / Attendees / Photograph

Organizers: Jannette Carey and David Bain

Keynotes: Dorothy Beckett, Ken Dill


23rd - 2009: Program / Attendees / Photograph

Organizers: Nathan Baker and Liskin Swint-Kruse

1st Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Michael Brenowitz

Keynote: Linda Jen-Jacobson


24th - 2010: Program / Attendees / Photograph

Organizers: Elisar Barbar and Vince LiCata

2nd Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Tim Lohman

Keynote: C. Nick Pace


25th - 2011: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: The Gibbs Board

3rd Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Madeline Shea

Keynote: Bertrand Garcia-Moreno


26th - 2012: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Patricia L. Clark and Aaron Lucius

4th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Enrico DiCera

Keynote: Terry Oas


27th - 2013: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Jim Cole and Aron Fenton

5th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Bertrand Garcia-Moreno

Keynote: Doug Barrick


28th - 2014: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Steve Whitten and Andrew Herr

6th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: David Draper

Keynote: Karen Fleming


29th - 2015: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Jim Horn and Ernie Fuentes

7th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Walter Englander

Keynote: Rohit Pappu


30th - 2016: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Sarah Bondos and Nick Fitzkee

8th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Ken Dill

Keynote: Patricia Clark


31st - 2017: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Ana Maria Soto and Scott Showalter

9th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Dorothy Beckett

Keynote: Enrique De La Cruz


32nd - 2018: Program / Attendees / PhotographSponsors

Organizers: David Draper and Chiwook Park

10th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: James Lee

Keynote: Kevin Plaxco


33rd - 2019: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Matthew Auton and Carlos Casteñeda

10th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: John (Jack) Correia

Keynote: Cathy Royer

34th - 2020: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors

Organizers: Roberto Galletto and Karen Lewis

11th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Doug Barrick

Keynote: Kathleen Hall

35th - 2021: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors / Website

Organizers: The Gibbs Board of Directors

12th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: David Bain

Keynote: Brian Baker

36th - 2022: Program / Attendees / Photograph / Sponsors / Website

Organizers: Aaron Lucius and James Horn

13th Ackers Lecture in Biothermodynamics: Tobin Sosnick

Keynote: Liskin Swint-Kruse

37th - 2023: Program / Sponsors / Website / Application

Organizers: Tonya Zeczycki and Krishna Mallela

14th Ackers Lecture in BIothermodynamics: Karen Fleming

Keynote: Dan Herschlag

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The Gibbs Society is incorporated in the state of Virginia.

The corporate address is PO Box 260, Keswick, VA 22947


Articles of Incorporation

Available upon request

Tax Exempt Status Documentation

Available upon request



Available upon request


Gibbs Bylaws 2022


Business Meeting Minutes


Contact Us

The Gibbs Society is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on charitable donations for support. Our mission is education in the area of Biothermodynamics.

Contact Information




Postal Mail:

Gibbs Society of Biological Thermodynamics
c/o Aron W. Fenton, PhD
The University of Kansas Medical Center
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
MS 3030, 3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Office Phone: +1-(913) 588-7033

To alert the Society of changes in contact information, please notify

Andrew B. Herr, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Division of Immunobiology
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

3333 Burnet Avenue, MLC 7038
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Office Phone: +1-(513) 803-7490

Contact Us
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