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The 38th Gibbs Conference on Biothermodynamics 

Dates: Sept. 28 - Oct 1, 2024

Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center,

Carbondale, IL 

GPS Address: 1206 Touch of Nature Road, Makanda, IL 62958


Lauren Porter and Janice Robertson


       Susan Marqusee

Ackers Lecturer

        Patricia Clark

Mission Statement

The Gibbs Society of Biological Thermodynamics is committed to advancing the development and application of thermodynamic principles to understand biological systems; fostering the professional growth of early-career trainees; promoting an equitable, accessible, and inclusive biothermodynamics community; and hosting an annual conference that includes significant opportunities for trainee oral presentations. 

Committees and Other Contributors to Conference Organization

Ackers Lecturer Selection Committee

Vince J. LiCata (Chair) 2021 –
and current members of the Gibbs Society Board of Directors


Fundraising Committee

Tonya Zeczycki (Chair), Ernie Fuentes, Scott Showalter


Local Arrangements Committee

Emma Morrison and Tori Dunlap

Trainee members: TBD

Poster Committee

Sean Fanning, Peggy Daugherty


Presentation Logistics Committee

Kurt Piepenbrink (chair), Clarissa Durie and Elizabeth Duran

Program Book Committee

Madeline Shea (Chair), Greg DeKoster and David Bain

Registration – JotForm and PayPal

Nicholas C. Fitzkee and Jim Horn


Saturday Night Thermo Co-Organizers

Ana Maria Soto and Vince J. LiCata
Trainee members:  TBD


SharePoint Guru

James R. Horn


Speaker Nominating Committee

Lauren Porter, Janice Robertson, Aaron Lucius, and Doug Barrick


Webmasters for Gibbs Society -

Sarah E. Bondos and Trevor Creamer

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