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The 36th Gibbs Conference on Biothermodynamics 

October 1 - 4, 2022

Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center,

Carbondale, IL 


Aaron Lucius and James Horn

Committees and Other Contributors to Conference Organization

Ackers Lecturer Selection Committee

Vince J. LiCata (Chair) 2021 –
and current members of the Gibbs Society Board of Directors


Fundraising Committee

Jim Cole (Chair), Ron Koder and Allyn Schoeffler

Local Arrangements Committee

Carlos Castañeda (Chair) and Hui-Ting Lee

Poster Committee

Tonya Zeczycki (Chair) and Steve Whitten

Presentation Logistics Committee

Stephen Fried (chair), Clarissa Durie and Kurt Piepenbrink
Trainee members:  Edgar Manriquez-Sandoval and Yafan Yu

Program Book Committee

Madeline Shea (Chair) and Justin Miller

Registration – JotForm and PayPal

Nicholas Fitzkee


Saturday Night Thermo Co-Organizers

Ana Marie Soto and Vince  LiCata
Trainee members
:  Shwetha Sreenivasan and Feng Yu


SharePoint Guru

James R. Horn


Speaker Nominating Committee

Michael Brenowitz (Chair), Afua Nyarko and Ernesto Fuentes

Webmasters for Gibbs Society -

Sarah Bondos and Chiwook Park (2020 – present)

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